• The Mechtronome

    Combining the wind-up phonograph mechanism of vintage toys with the programmed rhythms of music boxes and metronomes.

  • USB Loop Controller Pedal

    A very basic USB controller for manipulating live-looping software, with a hefty, portable contruction.

  • "Second Act" Budget Guitar Rehaul

    An amateur refurbish job on a an infamous First-Act brand guitar with serendipitous success.

  • Hohner Melodia Refurbish

    A basic cleaning of a 40's honer melodica, with carved wooden accessories.

  • Custom Texas Instruments Synthesizers

    Buzz! Buzz! Wordzap! Spell "S-Y-N-T-H-E-S-I-S"!

  • Custom Casio Synthesizers

    Every synth addiction starts with a small, but growing collection of Casio keyboards. Watch how they've mutated under my care.

  • Other Electronic Circuit Bent Nonsense

    If it makes sound, it can make music. See the wonder and horror this seemingly innocuous aphorism can engender.

  • Electroencephalophones

    When the conspiracy of mind-controlling subliminal messages in music tightens its grasp, a mind-controlled musical instrument could be our only hope.