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        Whose website is this?

This website belongs to - and is run by - Schuyler Thum. That's me; sorry about the eponymous domain-name. I'm a multi-instrumental musician, composer, and maker of strange and interesting things based in Philadelphia, PA. I work with wood, metal, plastic, and electronics to build unique devices, sculptures, and instruments - all of which I frequently incorporate into my other art. This site's purpose is to document and share my experience in making these things.

        What kind of stuff is here?

Under Projects, you'll find articles and entries pertaining to the different things I've made or worked on. There will be musical instruments, electronics, woodworking, art, experiments, and other nonsense.


Under Recordings, you'll find audio, video, and information relating to my work in music and composition.


In my Blog, I write about a more diverse array of topics - whatever comes to my attention, educational or personal.


This is the About page, of course. There are other pages here too, not accounted for by the links in the main header. You can use the "Site Map" link at the bottom to find them.


(This website is currently in development! If content is still scant, hopefully the above gives a good impression of things to come.)

Gramaphone Drawing

What else should I know?

You can contact me! I am pretty enthusiastic about recieveing communication and feedback! Send an e-mail to "sky[at]schuylerthum.com" , or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Youtube.

Who else should I know?

There are so many individuals who are true friends and/or heroes of mine whose work I think you need to see! As things go, perhaps I'll get permission to link to their pages and send your attention their way! For now, know this: I appreciate you! Thank you!








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